Nice people finish last

August 26, 2006

“Kev, your a nice guy!” is so overrated!!

Nice guys have girls for friends and when they try to turn it into anything more “But I only see you as a friend, nothing more. Can’t we just be friends?”

Guys try to break your nose as they see you as gay because that’s SUCH a bad thing!! (I have thought a few times that I would be better off if I am gay. I have had gay guys hit on me before.)

Other guys (less threatened by the gay perspective) seem to be threatened by me… or feel that I should be threatened by them. This is the only conclusion I can reach as to why they insist on trying to bring me down below their level. (A ver low level indeed!). The worse thing is these ‘attacks’ can come from nowhere so defense is minimised. How do you protect yourself against an attack you don’t see coming without becoming the person you don’t want to be?

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