Now I AM scared!

August 14, 2008

I’ve just been to the local chiropractor who I discussed further options for treatment of my spine. He cannot refer me to a specialist himself so I am going to out-patients at the local hospital.

Chiropractor stated (and I already guessed) that any treatment requiring surgery would have me out of action for at least 3 months and possibly 6 months. How do I survive that long without work, how do I pay for extended hospital time? Will I come out the other end better off or, like the chiropractor warned, will any treatment cause more problems?

I have put up with this for too long and now I will find out what help there is for me.

I want to do whatever is necessary to fix/improve my spine as now I know where I am headed I need clear thoughts to be able to achieve my goal.


8 Responses to “Now I AM scared!”

  1. What is wrong with your spine? I’d be happy to lend my 2 cents worth as a spine specialist…

  2. Gleen Globes Says:

    When I was 8 yo I was diagnosed with Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease in my left hip’s ball socket. My left leg was found to be an inch shorter than the right so my thigh bone was broken, the gap extended as required and then pinned. I was in plaster for months.
    In my teens I began having slight pain and tightness in my neck. This has continued till now (I am 33 yo) with the pain travelling from my lower back up and down my spine. Dull pain also occurs in all my joints occasionally.
    The local chiropractor took x-rays which reveal scoliosis in my lower neck and lower back – x-rays can be viewed at my Flickr page accessible from my blog.
    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I have posted an article that specifically answers your problem after reviewing your x-rays on Flikr. Since we began this talk on a blog, I will assume it is alright by you to communicate in this manner. Others may find this helpful as well. Go to

    Dr Marks

  4. Gleen Globes Says:

    Talking here is fine especially if it helps others.

  5. Article will go up in 15 minutes. Please feel free to reply, I’d like to help

    Dr Marks

  6. Gleen Globes Says:

    I went to a doctor today to get a referral for an Orthopaedist (is this the correct term?) to fix my spine. The doctor is going to discuss with my chiropractor which specialist would be appropriate for my condition.
    Hopefully the doctor and chiropractor will meet early next week and I should have a specialist lined up before next weekend.

  7. A new comment is available on my site.

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