‘Festive’ season

January 2, 2009

Time when we all:

  • eat too much
  • drink too much
  • sleep a lot
  • spend time with people we wouldn’t normally (… and with some people reaffirm the reason why this is so)
  • build Lego (something that hasn’t happened since a: the Lego was our own; b: last year)
  • have a reason to purchase/play with toys… and get away with it cause actual kids are also present and participating
  • listen to Christmas/holiday songs till our ears bleed… but even though many may whinge the season wouldn’t seem right without them
  • still decorate homes/work/cards/wrapping paper with seasonally inappropriate motifs
  • harass friends & family with mass-messaging via various electronic means… and have every single one appreciated and responded to
  • make life changing decisions and stick to them

2 Responses to “‘Festive’ season”

  1. jenslade Says:

    perfect summation of Christmas! And thankfully it only happens once a year so we can truly appreciate it.

  2. Gleen Globes Says:

    Appreciating something has little to do with enjoying all of the experience.

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