Technologically crippled… and it’s my fault!!

January 31, 2009

Subject: Warning: Account ‘’ is over 100% of download quota
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 08:50:32 UT (19:20 CST)

Dear Internode customer,

This is an automated message – generated at 30/01/2009 18:54:23 We have sent this message in order to assist you to manage your account usage.

Your current downloads for the account have exceeded 100% of your download allowance this month.

At the time this message was generated, you had downloaded 40097 Mb. Your monthly download allowance is currently 40000 Mb.

No excess usage fees are incurred on this plan; however your download rate has been reduced until your next rollover date (9/2/2009 )

Please note that Internode’s shaping scheme has changed.

You do not need to take any action, however we will apply ‘shaping’ which will reduce the speed of your service until your next rollover date. After 3,000 Mbytes of shaped traffic, additional access constraints may be applied.

You have the option of :

* reducing your downloads (eg by disabling peer to peer file sharing or other high download services); or
* purchasing additional data blocks for an instant quota upgrade; or
* upgrading to a plan with a higher monthly quota (though this only takes effect at your next rollover date).

Please read this page for further information :

You can purchase additional data blocks, or schedule an upgrade to a higher quota plan, by visiting our My Internode at: and selecting ‘Change ADSL Plan

Tools for monitoring your Internet usage are available at

If you have any further questions, you can log an online support request at or call us on 13 NODE (13 6633) during office hours.

Thank you for using Internode!

Yes I use the Usage meters. Yes I knew I was cutting it fine. Yes I had stopped downloading movies the last couple of weeks. Yes I hate being stuck at 64KB/sec as opposed to 1500KB/sec. Yes 9/2/2009 will be a LONG time coming. Yes I am impatient. Yes I want my Internet back to high speed. No I will not hibernate for the time remaining. No I do not like that I can now watch my Facebook homepage “loading” rather than just “POPPING” open. No I don’t remember how I used to live with dial up speeds. No I probably haven’t learnt my lesson and will continue to push my internet’s limit. Yes I will contact Internode and check to see if there is a more suitable plan for my… Ummm… “needs”.


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