Ubuntu & Mythbuntu Tips & Tricks

February 13, 2009

I have self-taught myself how to get about in Ubuntu and now Mythbuntu. This is not strictly true as Google has become my friend and Ubuntu Forums is also a much appreciated contributing factor. But knowing where to ask the question is one thing, knowing HOW to ask the question is the true trick I believe. When in Google I always use the main words to my question and start as specific as I can – for example if I have an issue with a sound card rather than Google “sound card ubuntu” I would find out the Brand and Model Number for the sound card and enter these into Google along with “ubuntu”. Also try to find results specific to your version of Ubuntu – not always necessary as some advice can apply to other versions but some times a solution may pertain to one version only and the safest bet is to use advice for your version of Ubuntu if you can find it (often worth hunting through Google’s results or adding the number: 8.04, 8.10, etc. or more often the name: Hardy, Intrepid, etc. to your search). Try to click on reputable sites when you find results of interest in Google – Ubuntu Forums will come up often in results for searches with “ubuntu” added.

Google is also a good way to search the Ubuntu Forums if you don’t want to log in. The Forums’ anti-spam measures on their searches can be daunting and frustrating. Signing up is at no cost to you and bypassing the anti-spam search requirements is one of the excellent reasons to join a helpful and very knowledgeable crowd of Ubuntu users. Same rules as Google searches applies when searching the Ubuntu Forums just don’t add the “ubuntu”. Users of other Ubuntu distributions may want to add their distro to their searches eg. “xubuntu”, “kubuntu”, etc. As with all forums remember that they are populated by people who go out of their way to help others so help them by being polite, staying on subject and providing as much information as you can. Also if you show you’ve tried to solve the problem yourself or at least searched else where for an answer mention this in your forum posts as it shows your not just sponging off of the other forum member’s knowledge and that you have put some effort in yourself. Keep posts short and to the point and search around the forum for similar questions to your own in case it’s already been asked but also to decide on the most appropriate place to post your question.

Installing Lirc in Ubuntu

Check the Manufacturer and Model of your remote and install lirc from Synaptic Package Manager. While installing, lirc will pop up a window asking for Manufacturer and Model of your remote – enter this information and lirc will complete the installation. After lirc is properly configured and finished installing go back into Synaptic Package Manager and install mythbuntu-lircrc-generator. No user input is required as the generator uses the information from lirc. After installation open Terminal and enter mythbuntu-lircrc-generator – this will build a .lircrc file in your home folder and be available for all remote controllable applications. Doing this I can now control Totem Movie Player with my Microsoft MCE Remote.

Information found here


2 Responses to “Ubuntu & Mythbuntu Tips & Tricks”

  1. geeze14 Says:

    Good job! It may be helpful in the process of studying ubuntu so I’ve scraped it using scrapebook(firefox addon). Can you recommend any books about ubuntu for me? yeah, I am a noob of ubuntu. 😀 thanks in advance!

  2. Gleen Globes Says:

    there are lots of magazines dedicated to Ubuntu which I personally don´t recommend as all information they contain can be found on the net. Google what your interested in about Ubuntu. Get the Fridge magazine from News section of official Ubuntu web site. Subscribe to blogs about Ubuntu. Use Google to find information.

    Most of my information came from just using Ubuntu day to day and searching for information via Google or Ubuntu Forums (register for Forums) when I needed to know something.

    To get you started subscribe via RSS to my Delicious links about Ubuntu: http://delicious.com/gleenglobes/ubuntu and bookmark for yourself any of the links that interest you. Once you start immersing yourself in the Ubuntu Community you will soon build your knowledge.

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