What? We went to school to… learn???

February 25, 2010

Some of the activities got up to while at school:

  • taking pocket shaving mirrors (small and easy to hide) to class to shine in corner of teacher´s glasses as they wrote on blackboard
  • sticky taping rubber band to barrel of Biro pen and using to launch wooden skewers
  • sticking drawing pins into Plasticine so that balls would stick into ceiling when thrown
  • spit balls of paper onto ceiling with ballpoint pen barrel
  • getting bored with hand ball so turned game into brandy until one kid jumped through Art Room window to escape tennis ball
  • climbing on desks and generally running a muck until German teacher ended up lining up whole class outside the Principal´s Office
  • almost being dragged (and locked) in disabled toilets until perpetrator found out I can fight back a lot better than they bargained on!
  • biting knuckles of guy on bus as he tried to punch me
  • standing up to guy in Ag class and pushing him across desk when he tried to intimidate me and gained respect of whole class for doing so
  • going from Maths 1 & 2, Chemistry and Physics in first attempt at Year 11 to Business Maths and Ag in second attempt because couldn´t grasp the concept of having to do homework AS WELL AS work AT school!!
  • NOT getting away with telling Biology teacher that dog ate my homework!
  • getting into Year 12 so that teachers could get rid of me after I´d completed the year rather than… passing!
  • making some great mates that are still with me to this day
  • found love
  • experienced surf/skater lifestyle and Nirvana (the band)
  • grew musical tastes with heavy metal and also N.W.A.
  • grew taste for magazines
  • found an interest in computers
  • found out teachers didn´t know as much about computers as a lot of us kids did
  • playing chess and checkers at lunch time
  • learned that Malibu is the more upmarket version of Wipeout but… getting smashed on anything coconut flavoured gives you a REALLY bad stomach ache the next day!!
  • Tequila tastes best straight!
  • Vomiting any where but in toilet or outside is not appreciated and WILL be reminded of such for years to come!
  • having 2 people who live in same house turn 18 and parents and other siblings leaving for Queensland for same week DOES mean there will be some major partying happening!!
  • Yes people get alcohol poisoning! Yes they get their stomach pumped when taken to hospital! Yes this is related to point above!
  • If have sex while intoxicated… DENY! DENY! DENY! This may be related to twin 18 yo parties mentioned above 😉
  • church camps are fun way to meet people
  • sleep overs in church are also fun 😉

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