Instructions for syncing Facebook Events with desktop calendar app

September 29, 2010
  1. go to your Events page (Facebook | Events)
  2. click on Export Events link below list of your events (may have to add an Event before this appears)
  3. in box that pops up right click on link that appears and copy link
  4. in your calendar app (Windows Live Calendar?) there is an option to subscribe to public/online calendar (may be worded different depending on which program you use)
  5. paste link into applicable field in calendar app and a new Facebook calendar should now appear in sidebar of your calendar app
  6. adjust colours, alarms, etc. in your new calendar to your desire
  • if calendar app gets cranky that copied link from Facebook isn’t right format, etc. try replacing “http” with “webcal” in pasted link’s address
  • instructions also work in Mac OS X’s iCal
  • these instructions will add all of your Facebook Events, their details and any future Facebook Events and their details
  • my calendar app updates online calendars (I subscribe to a couple) whenever my calendar app starts and every 30 minutes when it’s open (you might want to adjust your calendar app’s settings accordingly)
  • This is a very handy trick that has served me well over my Facebooking years!! Please feel free to pass on to others

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