This blog was originally planned as an ebook but that concept became too unwieldy with all my random thoughts not joining properly to form a fluid book. I have a large number of news feeds (RSS) that I subscribe to so I have gotten familiar with the concept of news feed articles.

The idea formed that writing a blog would be a more appropriate medium to deliver all that I had written so far in the book. I could type whatever comes to my head and using general subjects organise my thoughts.

From the book I had major sections titled:

  1. Introduction
  2. god” (views on religion)
  3. Chrematophobia (“fear of money” why money is destructive, where concept came from and how to remove from society)
  4. Humanity of Man (the core of people and how we treat each other. Includes hypocrisies)
  5. me (biography)

These I will keep as they are the main focal points of my thinking. Text in brackets is an explanation of the above sections which will now be my blog’s Categories.

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